Do me a favour can’t you just be a neighbourhood friendly spiderman’. the first words that Peter Parker (Tom  Holland) heard from his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr). These words open up his adventure in High School.

I recently watched this movie in 3D (shoutout to IMAX KENYA ) and I have fallen in love with it  because of ;


s3The factor that we are introduced to a high schooler spiderman is obvious because in the comics he spends most of his time in school  but what makes this one interesting is that Tom Holland is such a believable highschooler.At 30 years old, we have seen in the past Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield acting as Spiderman high school students which was not very convincing.

Thanks to his short but memorable scenes in Captain America; Civil War. Tom is shaping up to be one of the best Spideys’ on the screen.With his boyish looks, he relates well with the audience, awesome pop culture references and laid back chattiness.

At only 20 years old,  Tom Holland is the perfect fit to play SpiderMan and it would even be better if the role grows up with him.


We have seen Spiderman startup story (origin story) twice now through Tobey Maguire and  again Andrew Garfield and by now everyone gets it. Spiderman fanatics know the story too well and we need not to see uncle Ben’s passing or the radioactive spider all over again.jj 3

Spider Homecoming made a brilliant decision to jump straight into the action. He was already introduced in Civil War and we don’t need  too go through all that again and cut the action time. I mean it’s all about the action right?

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

I know this sounds a bit technical which it is,   but come down I will explain it. Well it comes a time in life where you can’t undertake certain tasks alone, you need help to be able to deliver your optimum best.

Before Iron Man, Marvel was simply in the business of helping produce movies based on its various comics characters. Marvel would license the rights to its most valuable characters for a fee, like Spider-Man and the X-Men, to various studios and those studios would pay for, distribute, and reap the box office of those films. It then created Marvel Studios and decided to produce its own superhero movies. The problem here was that they had already sold the licenses to its most famous characters—Sony had      Spider-Man. s2 

So the Producer Amy Pascal, who at the time was the head of Sony Pictures, was able to strike an unprecedented deal with Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige to share the character.  Spider-Man: Homecoming is still financed and distributed by Sony Pictures and gets the box office, but Marvel Studios produced the film and served as the creatives(get it, simple).

These two powerful forces coming together is only a win-win for the movie.


s 4 I had my hands on my mouth when I saw Iron man ( Robert Downey Jnr) in this movie.Iron Man is one of the Pioneer Marvel Superhero and is adored and loved all over the world. These two had great screen presence in Civil War and in this it only gets charming.

He acts a mentor to young Peter Parker since Uncle Ben is longer around and their Chemistry is out of this world. Marvel films are encouraging team ups in their recent movies. We have seen Thor hook up with Hulk, Ant- Man with Wasp (coming up in 2018) and now Spiderman with Iron Man it can only get exciting.

Seeing this two interact is a real treat.


Yes I said it the Vulture. Spidey fanatics all know that a SpiderMan can’t be complete without the villain that terrorises Peter Parker for most part of the film. I am talking about Michael Keaton’s Vulture who looks really good in this particular movie.

Unlike the Green Goblin, Vulture has never appeared on screen before despite being one of the Classic Villains. In the comics, Vulture is portrayed as an old guy but in this movie he looks not frail and his suit is out of this world (someone get me the designer’s address).s5

I believe I have not said enough I feel like going on and on and on  but I want you to watch it and let me know what you think.Is it the best Spiderman movie so far?



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