‘Money Money Money Moooney’ who remembers this theme song to a famous entrepreneurial show. Well, we are talking about money today,since we have been celebrating 2017 mid-year achievements.Why not celebrate the actors that get it all (a bit exaggerated).

I am telling you these actors’ salaries per movie take up a sizable chunk of the film’s budget. From the flashy cars, gigantic houses,impressive charity work and major endorsements.These people are living the life.Plus this list is full of Eye Candy. Let me stop with the banter and get into the five (5) highest paid actors in 2017 (January – June).

N.B ; This not a ranking on  their net-worth but how they are paid in movies.

dd 1



The first time I set my eyes on this bad boy was in the movie ‘Good-luck Chuck’ and then ‘How to loose a guy in 10 days’. He is an American actor and producer ,who first gained notice for his breakout role in the coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused. He started with the minor roles, never despise humble beginnings.

Born 48 years old, to a school teacher mother,Matthew became known for starring in romantic comedies like ‘The Wedding Planner’ co-starring Jennifer Lopez ,my favorite ‘How to loose a guy in 10 days’ along side Kate Hudson among others. He has been onscreen with some of the hottest women in Hollywood.His latest appearance being on the musical animation Sing.

With more than 30 awards under his name and a net-worth of $95 million (Ksh. 9.5 billion ) he has been able to provide for his lovely model and designer wife, Camila Aves and his 3 children. I hope to see his face more before the end of 2017.


dd 2


dd 3


Did you know he has other official names? Oh yes! Mark Sinclair better known as Vin Diesel is an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter. He also better known as Dominic Toretto as portrait in the Fast and Furious film series.

If he not appearing on screen, he is voice-acting. He has been a good voice artist in movies like Guardian of the Galaxy (2014).

His first break in acting happened by chance, when at the age of seven 7 he and his friends broke into a theater to vandalize it. A woman stopped them and offered them each a script and $20 (Ksh.2000), on the condition that they would attend everyday after school.dd 4

He was raised in California to a psychologist mother and adoptive father, Vin broke his voice at the age of 15, giving him a mature-sounding voice that commands your attention on screen. 

The 1967 born, has a fraternal brother Paul Vincent who is a film editor.With an impressive net-worth of $16 million (Ksh.16 Billion),he was  ranked number 46 in Premiere magazine’s 2003 annual Power 100 List.

With the introduction of his`on screen` son in Fast and Furious 8(Fate of Furious) his Hollywood career is just getting better.



If you hear his name and Titanic immediately comes to your mind, you are ‘cool peeps‘. Few actors in the world have had a career quite as diverse as Leonardo DiCaprio’s. DiCaprio has gone from relatively humble beginnings, as a supporting cast member to one of the leading Hollywood actors in the 21st Century.

From a major teenage heartthrob, to a hunky lead actor in movies such as Titanic(1997) to a mature actor in movies like the controversial Wolf of Wall-street that was banned  in my country Kenya but we still watched it. He has worked on improving his craft over the years which began attracting the attention of producers and also earned him a spot on this list.

The 43 year old was also born in California just like Vin Diesel to a German mother and Italian-German Father. He speaks very little German.

dd 5

He is known for his intense emotional acting style that just leaves you with an inviting after taste.He was ranked above Vin Diesel at number 42 in Premiere’s 2003 annual Power 100 List. These two seem to be neck to neck in everything but no ‘beef’ though.

He is known for his environmental conservation and also advocates for nature protection.A person with a net-worth of $245 million (Ksh.24.5 Billion) has to find something to channel excess steam and this is a good way.

With 50 awards including an Oscar for Best Actor, I hope to see more of this eye candy(I love love him with the beard).

Leonardo DiCaprio is named 'United Nations Messenger of Peace'



dd 7


I don’t like Robert one bit. I don’t know why or how but him and I bad vibes. I am very honest with you my Watuz.I respect him for being a Super hero to many young people but if I don’t fancy I don’t. I will only say a few things about him for the sake of you people.

He was born 52 years ago in Manhattan, New York. He is known for movies like Avengers, Iron man among other action movies.


He has a net-worth of  $240 million (Ksh.24 Billion).

dd 8

I can’t force myself beyond this. If you want to know more about him, leave a comment and I will try and do my research on him.




If you smeeeeeell ,what the Rock is cooking? Oh My God we all loved that line. Well if I start writing about all of Dwayne’s achievements you might be reading this post the whole day. I will try keep it short with the important ones.

dd 10

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name, The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and professional wrestler. He holds both American and Canadian citizenships.

He was born in 1972 in California; wait, whats up with California? First, it was Vin Diesel then Leonardo and now Dwayne! I need me some California love. Okay back to the main man. He was born to a Samoa Mother and a Black father who was a professional wrestler, indeed like father like son.

While starting his career he focused more on wrestling, acting came later.With his towering height, Mr. Johnson was the first ever 8 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

He tried his hand at acting with his first film role being in The Scorpion King(2002). For this role, he was paid $5.5 million( Ksh.550 million) , a world record for an actor in his first starring role.

One of his more prominent roles include Luke Hobbs in The Fast and Furious film series with his recent performs being in Fast and Furious 8(Fate of Furious) was released in 2017 and is one of the Highest grossing Films in 2017 (checkout my post on that).

With his favorite eyebrow trademark, Dwayne was the first athlete to host Saturday Night Live for second time. I mean he is a Jack of all trades.However, he has a fear of spiders.

He was listed Forbes number 25 in the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2013. His ex-wife Dany Garcia is his manager, they have a daughter together.He has a net-worth of $125 million (Ksh.12.5 Billion) making him one of Hollywood most sought after actors for more Masculine and Superhero roles.

dd 9

Well with Dwayne pointing the gun towards us it seems our time to wrap up. I hope you got to know a lot about your favorite Hollywood actors. I hope they remain on this list till December but some new blood would be exciting. Look out for my post on HIGHEST PAID ACTRESSES IN 2017.

Don’t forget to like and leave a comment let me know what you think.

Courtesy aid; IMDb









  1. Very nice Dianna. I didn’t know you blog. Now am your follower for Shizzle!
    Few things:
    1. The Rock’s line
    ‘If you smeeeeeeellllll!! what the Rock, is cooking’
    2. ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is a very cool guy to jamaaz and especially school going boys, perhaps because of his Superhero roles in most movies done in Marvel Studios.


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