We have hit the mid year mark.Yes! and Thank God for the amazing first 6 months especially in the movie world. It has been an amazing start for producers,directors,actors and the other arms that come together to make a successful movie.

However, they are those that have had an extraordinary start.Others expected it,others it was just a job well done.These movies are making or made more than double their budget when they hit the box office.

Below are movies that have had an amazing start and response since their release.

NOTE; These figures represent what the movie made when it premiered in the BOX-OFFICE against its BUDGET, not necessarily what its making now.

gg 7

5.The LEGO Batman Movie.

Budget : $ 80 million (Ksh.8 billion).

Box Office: 310.5 million (Ksh.31.5 billion).

The only full Animation movie in the list.Based on the DC Comics; Lego Construction Toys this movie made triple its budget . Directed by Chris McKay and featuring( Will Arnett) as BATMAN.The film focuses on the brewing changes in Gotham where the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) is executing a hostile takeover.
You expect any movie with a superhero character to have a good kickoff.This was impressive. Good job Batman family.
gg 8

gg 5
4.The Fate of the Furious (Fast and Furious 8).
Budget : $250 million(Ksh. 2.5 billion).
Box Office :$ 1.163 billion (Ksh. 116.3 billion).
If this movie didn’t make it to this list,then we,the fans, would have failed.I mean we were all looking forward to this movie especially with the new intriguing title.
Sorry if you expected it at the Number 1 spot, it made more than the next three movies but looking at it against its budget it had to be number 4.
Although, most critics say it would have done better(that is,on premier night)it still made it to the list like HELLLO!!
We are so ready for Fast and Furious 9.
gg 6


who-do-you-think-would-be-the-best-wolverine-491367 2
Budget: $ 97 million(Ksh. 9.7 billion)
Box Office: $ 607.5 million(Ksh. 60.6 billion)
I don’t know if am pissed or surprised that this movie made it to this list and at number 3,HUH!  I am not going say much, just read my review on it.Deuces.



gg 3
2.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
Budget: $ 200 million (Ksh. 2 billion).
Box Office: $ 791.7 million(Ksh. 79.2 billion).
Honestly speaking I have not watched this one but am planning to. I will give you my detailed review and honest for a matter of fact once I watch it.I want to really find out why it made it to number 2.
gg 4



gg 2
1.Beauty and the Beast.
Budget: $ 160 million (Ksh.16 billion)
Box Office: $ 1.234 billion(Ksh 123.4 billion)
*Claps Hands* I still believe in fairy-tales(Hey,my prince). This movie brought back all the childhood imaginations of getting married to a Prince and living in a big castle.The well choreographed dances, the beautiful voices and Emma Watson. No wonder, it made it to number 1.It leaves a invigorating after-taste.You need to watch this movie especially in 3D.
Watch out for my review on 1

Well my Watuz, this is only the beginning with new movies being produced and released lets see if in the next one month this list will have newcomers.
Please like and leave comment on which movie you want in the list in the coming month.

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