The boss is the baby? LOL

What would you do if your parents walked in with an infant dressed in a suit,dropped by a taxi and with a briefcase(who still carries those) and introduces him as your new baby brother? I mean for the ‘only child’ and  lastborns’ you understand how important it is bb 4being and remaining the baby of the family.They get to go with the parents everywhere,get the least chores,get the most gifts (damn! I wish I was a lastborn)and then you get an addition to the family.Oh!

This was the nightmare Tim had to go through when Theodore (the boss baby)  was introduced to him. He knew it was just going to be him and his parents forever.However, what they didn’t know is that the Boss was on a mission.He is a secret agent in the secret war between babies and puppies.

Puppies have become popular in homes today.Once a couple celebrates their union,move in together the next thing they get is a puppy or what we call them in Kenya a ‘Chiwawa’ with funny names Bingo,Roxie,Chess.This puppy becomes the baby of the family and the couple forgets their first commandment on earth ‘GO THEE AND MAKE DESCENDANTS.’bb 2

This movie directed by Tom McGrath brings it out perfectly, my favorite scene being one of the opening scenes where the baby is being made in the factory.That  scene is genius. The story is told through the imagination of Tim who is now older and wants to convince his daughter that it is okay if they get a baby sister.

I am not a big fan of animation movies.I love watching the ones with a different and unique plot and Boss Baby happens to be one of them. The top most animation movie on my favorites list is


ZOOTOPIA,who didn’t love that movie.The hype that came with this movie had me thinking it would overtake Zootopia but NO!. It is still my number one. Don’t worry Zootopia lovers it is still bae.

The Casting Director/Voice Coach did a good job with the voice artists especially the Boss Baby’s voice done by Alec Baldwin .Dude! you have a power to the ful voice. It got me glued to the screen waiting for you to speak.


  • The film has grossed $483 million(Ksh. 48.3 billion) worldwide against its $125 million(Ksh. 12.5 billion) budget, making it the sixth highest grossing film in 2017.The first being Beauty and the Beast.
  • A sequel is set to be released in March 2021.This was confirmed by Universal bb 3Pictures and DreamWorks with Baldwin reprising his role.
  • The film has won an award at the International Animated Film Festival and won the Animatòr Festival Award.


Did the movie impress you? Let me know by leaving a comment and a like?

   XOXO MY 6





2 thoughts on “BOSS BABY.

  1. I think boss baby was entertaining and funny and awesome but it did not have as many life lessons as zootopia.
    Zootopia is still a win for me


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